Support Centre

Our Support Centre in Sheffield is around the corner from our very first store, therefore staying close to the heart of the outdoor community which made our Sheffield store such a success. It’s the central hub for the teams that support our stores from behind the scenes.

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Acting as the gateway between the support centre and our stores, helping to implement projects in store that enhance the customer experience our operations team are analytical, customer focused and have the ability to work across teams in a fast paced environment.

Customer Services

We love talking to our customers as their feedback is very important to us! Our customer services team are often the first point of contact for customers with queries and we want to turn every experience our customers have into a positive one!


Our Merchandisers work alongside our Buying team to make sure the ranges they work on are successful: analysing previous seasons and reporting on the current season's lines and looking at space planning. In short, they make sure our products hit our stores in the right quantity and at the right time.


They understand what's going on across the business and how this affects the bottom line, they analyse and interpret commercial data in our fast paced environment, enabling the business to better understand our customer's shopping behaviours so that we can remain agile.


Our marketing and creative teams work to understand our customer’s wants and needs. They manage our customer communication across our stores, through mailings and online, striving to build strong and interactive relationships with our customers.

IT & Business Change

Our IT team supports the whole business from problem solving to project managing the development and implementation of new IT systems, their work is integral to the efficient running of the business.


Our Buyers are involved in the whole process from initial design of products through to overseas sourcing and negotiations. They make sure we are providing our customers with the choice to be able to do their favourite activity whatever their budget.

Human Resources

The HR and GO Academy team understand that GO’s success is down to its people. They deliver a complete HR and learning and development service, ensuring our people have the tools they need to delight and exceed our customer expectations.


Managing and developing the GO website to ensure our customers have a fantastic experience online, whilst learning how our customer’s online shopping behaviours impact our stores. Our Group Sales team within Multichannel source and deliver bulk purchases and manage our relationships with groups in our store's local communities as well as larger national partners.

Hear from some of the team

We asked some of our team from the Support Centre what it’s like working for us!

Lyn - Digital Marketing Manager

I've worked at GO for three years now.

My job is to assist the head of multichannel with digital marketing activity such as pay-per-click/display, paid social, affiliate marketing and retargeting campaigns. I look after online local store marketing and set up promotions/bundles etc. on the GO website. I also brief in creative for the website such as homepage banners or department banners etc.

I started working for GO when I relocated from down South. I’ve always enjoyed working in retail and the development opportunities were very appealing.

My favourite part of the role is that there’s always something new to learn so you can’t get complacent. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the flexibility. It encourages me to do a good job.

Tom - Visual Merchandiser

I have been with GO since 2010, I joined whilst studying.

I started working part-time in the Wakefield store, working weekends and evenings on a variety of different departments. I served customers, replenished stock and worked on tills during this time. I then finished education and became a full-time employee on the 'Outdoor Living' departments before taking on the role of Senior Sales Assistant. My responsibilities were to provide great customer service and also lead a team of my peers. Throughout my time with the company, interaction with customers has always been the key focus, however, I found my true passion was creating eye-catching displays and implementing layouts. This is why the next logical step for my career was to go into Visual Merchandising and when the opportunity arose to do so, I jumped at the chance and never looked back. Since joining the visual merchandising team, my day to day duties have changed a lot. I now draw the visual layouts for 'Outdoor Living', create and source new fixtures and fittings and have a heavy involvement in the new store setup process.

I live a stones-throw away from the Wakefield store, so when I was younger I used to visit the store with my parents a lot and absolutely loved it - I was like a kid in a toy shop. The store was recommended to me as a fun and exciting place to work, so I followed suit when I was old enough. When I started there were barely 20 stores, so it has been amazing to be a part of such a rapidly growing company and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

My favourite part of my role is probably the massive variance in day to day activity. One day I might be out visiting stores, the next I'll be drawing on the computer. It really is something different every day which always keeps it interesting. If I had to pick one particular thing it would be the creative side of the job. When I was younger I was always drawing things on the computer and using 3D modelling programmes – now I get to paid to do it which is really a dream come true.

Amna - Merchandiser

I have worked for GO for 3 years.

I look after the Camping Division on Merchandising, my main role is to make sure we have stock in the right stores at the right time to never miss a sale. I plan and trade the area and work with the buyer to put together the most profitable, commercial range we can offer to our customers.

I am also an Ambassador for the Merchandising team and represent them at the Employee forum meetings, this is a great way for the team to communicate what they want from GO and for me to feedback what is happening within GO.

I came to GO at an exciting time, the merchandising team were expanding and I was able to influence the Camping Division quickly. I was given the freedom to set up different ways of working within the team.

My favourite part of the role is trading the stock and seeing the sales come through, I enjoy the fast paced environment of the summer season on Camping and the quick reaction you can see from decisions made the prior week.

Sheffield - a great place to work and play!

Sheffield is a great place to work. It's a vibrant, bustling city just a stone's throw away from the peace and tranquility of the Peak District National Park, the ideal playground for all outdoor enthusiasts. So whether you want to hike, climb, cycle, or just visit some idyllic country pubs, they're all on your doorstep!